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UCSF Liver Center

The UCSF Liver Center is a consortium of over 70 researchers who share a common interest in liver biology and disease. The purpose of the Center is to foster excellence and scientific collaboration among its members and to recruit new investigators to the field of hepatology. To achieve this goal, the Center provides research support services and a community platform for exchange of ideas. The UCSF Liver Center is proud of its record of integrating bench science with clinical investigation in support of its mission to understand and cure human liver diseases.

Our Mission

The mission of the UCSF Liver is to understand and cure human liver diseases.

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The overall focus of the Center is on the integrative biology of the liver. Within this framework, the research performed by individual Center members is quite diverse, ranging from studies of basic liver cell biology to the investigation of liver physiology and pathophysiology in animal and human models to the evaluation of treatment practices and outcomes for patients with liver disease. Member research is divided among three themes:

  • Liver Injury and Repair: the study of responses to infectious and toxic insults to the liver.
  • Hepatic Physiology and Metabolism: the study of a variety of processes pertinent to liver function, from the most fundamental aspects of cell differentiation to genetic differences that cause variations in drug or nutrient metabolism.
  • Progenitor Cells, Growth and Development: the study of normal and abnormal processes of liver cell proliferation, including liver cancer.



The Liver Center operates three biomedical core facilities to expedite and enhance the research performed by Center members. The Cores are designed to provide liver-specific services that are unavailable elsewhere within or outside UCSF. Overall, the three Cores offer Center members several tangible benefits: preferred access to specialized equipment, expert advice and assistance, and cost-efficient products to make the most of existing research dollars. The Cores are intended to serve both clinical and basic science researchers.

Newly implemented in 2012, the Liver Center launched a Biostatistics Core to aid members in study design, data analysis, and data interpretation and reporting.

In addition to operating its own core facilities, the Liver Center offers members the opportunity to obtain funds to use other core facilities at UCSF via the Tool & Technology grant program.


Provides primary liver cells from rats and mice as well as advice/assistance with medical and surgical models of liver disease

  • Hepatocyte isolation
  • Non-parenchymal liver cell isolation
  • Cell culture/media/matrix
  • Models of liver injury

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Provides equipment and expertise for cell analysis and gene expression and offers low-cost HBV DNA quantitation for human research studies

  • Flow cytometry
  • Hepatitis virus quantitation

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Provides liver histology and immunohistochemistry as well as specialized pathology services such as electron microscopy; offers formal interpretation/scoring of liver histology

  • Histology
    • Tissue processing and histochemistry
    • Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence
  • TEM
  • Histology interpretation

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Provides funds to Center members for the purchase of specialized research services not offered by the Center itself

Full Members Associate Members
Alan P. Venook, MD
Alexander Monto, MD
Aliya Qayyum, MD
Andreas Stahl , PhD
Andrei Goga, MD, PhD
Antony McDonagh, PhD
M. Almira Correia, PhD
Averil Ma, MD
Bradley E. Aouizerat, PhD
Calvin Kuo, MD, PhD
Carl Grunfeld, MD, PhD
Charles Harris, MD, PhD
Chris Freise, MD
Claus U. Niemann, MD
Conor R. Caffrey, PhD
Daniel B. Vigneron, PhD
Deanna L Kroetz, PhD
Eric Verdin, MD
Hobart W. Harris , MD, MPH
Holger Willenbring, MD, PhD
Jacquelyn J. Maher, MD
James C. Ryan, MD
James H. McKerrow, MD, PhD
James P. Grenert , MD, PhD
Jody L. Baron, MD, PhD
Joseph (Mike) McCune, MD, PhD
Jen-Chywan Wang, PhD
Julien Sage, PhD
Kathleen M. Giacomini, PhD
Keith E. Mostov, MD, PhD
Kimberly Page, PhD, MPH
Laura N. Bull, PhD
Leslie Z. Benet, PhD
Limin Liu, PhD
Mandana Khalili, MD
Marcus O. Muench, PhD
Marion G. Peters, MD
Ma Somsouk, MD, MAS
Melanie Ott, MD, PhD
W. Michael Korn, MD
Michael P. Busch, MD, PhD
D. Montgomery Bissell, MD
Norah A. Terrault, MD, MPH
Oren K. Fix, MD, MSc
Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano, PhD
Peter G. Stock, MD, PhD
Peter Bacchetti, PhD
Philip Rosenthal, MD
Phyllis C. Tien, MD
Robert V. Farese, Jr., MD
Ronald Krauss, MD
Rong Wang, PhD
Sandra K. Erickson, PhD
Sandy Feng, MD, PhD
Sang-Mo Kang, MD
Sanjay Kakar, MD
Saunak Sen, PhD
Stewart L. Cooper, MD
Tippi MacKenzie, MD
Xin Chen, PhD
Benjamin Yeh, MD
Carlos U. Corvera, MD
Chunyue Yin, PhD
Ethan J. Weiss, MD
Francis Y. Yao, MD
Fred Schaufele, PhD
Girish N. Vyas, PhD
John P. Roberts, MD
Katerina Akassoglou, PhD
Larissa Podust, PhD
Linda Ferrell, MD
Lewis L. Lanier, PhD
Marc K. Hellerstein, MD, PhD
Mehrdad Matloubian, MD, PhD
Nadav Ahituv, PhD
Qizhi Tang, PhD
Robin Kate Kelley, MD
Ryutaro Hirose, MD
Susan Lynch, PhD
Tammy Chang, MD, PhD
Yanjun Fu, PhD
Youngho Seo, PhD


Core Director
Jacquelyn J. Maher, MD
Phone: (415) 206-4805
Fax: (415) 641-0517

Staff Research Associate
Chris Her, BS
Phone: (415) 206-4802
Fax: (415) 641-0517


Core Director
Jody L. Baron, MD, PhD
Phone: (415) 476-5728
Fax: (415) 476-0659

Amanda Goodsell
Phone: (415) 476-3547
Fax: (415) 476-0659


Core Director
James P. Grenert, MD, PhD
Phone: (415) 206-6576
Fax: (415) 206-5988


Enrichment Program Director
Holger F. Willenbring, MD
Phone: (415) 476-2417
Fax: (415) 514-2346


Program Manager
Brian Fabian
Phone: (415) 206-4808
Fax: (415) 5641-0517

Mailing Address
UCSF Liver Center
San Francisco General Hospital
1001 Potrero Ave
Building 40, Room 4102
San Francisco, CA 94110