Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center

Core Facilities

    1. Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Core
    2. Genomic Sciences Core
    3. Cellular and Animal Modeling Core
    4. Cellular Imaging Core
    5. Flow Cytometry Core
    6. Administrative Core


  • Training, acquisition and analysis on our state-of-the-art cytometers for experiments that include up to 17 different fluorochromes simultaneously
  • High-speed sorting with up to nine different fluorochromes simultaneously with the ability to sort and or clone into any plate or dish
  • Soluble protein measurement from a variety of biological or experimental samples that can be multiplexed up to 30 different analytes concurrently
  • Blood processing and storage to separate and collect cells, serum or plasma for subsequent studies
  • Staining for subsequent flow cytometric acquisition and analysis of patient samples
  • Expert consultation and troubleshooting and experimental design guidance

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