Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center

Core Facilities

    1. Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Core
    2. Genomic Sciences Core
    3. Cellular and Animal Modeling Core
    4. Cellular Imaging Core
    5. Flow Cytometry Core
    6. Administrative Core


  • Novel Cell Line Development Subcore
    • Utilizes the Immortomouse as a source of a conditional immortalizing gene in crosses with other transgenic mouse models that are relevant to a particular digestive disease.
    • Establishes conditionally-immortalized epithelial cell lines from gastrointestinal mucosa, pancreas or liver.
    • Fully characterizes these cell lines with respect to their epithelial phenotype, the presence of the specific genetic mutation of interest and the presence of tissue-specific markers.
    • Has established a "bank" of early passage cells for use by DDRC investigators.
  • Tissue Morphology Subcore
    • Assistance in procurement of human and animal tissues.
    • Mechanisms for histopathologic characterization and quality assurance of specimens, database management, and specimen distribution.
    • Centralization of histologic services under the supervision of a surgical pathologist with a dedicated interest in human gastrointestinal pathology and rodent models of gastrointestinal disease.
    • Expertise in correlation of animal models with human disease, tissue characterization, immunohistochemistry, and laser microdissection.

    Customized tissue array block construction.

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