Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center

Core Facilities

    1. Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Core
    2. Genomic Sciences Core
    3. Cellular and Animal Modeling Core
    4. Cellular Imaging Core
    5. Flow Cytometry Core
    6. Administrative Core


  • Identification of oxidized lipids by GC/MS
  • Quantitation of prostaglandins & thromboxanes by isotope dilution GC/MS
  • Molecular weight determination of proteins & peptides by MALDI/TOF analysis
  • Microsequencing of proteins and peptides by capillary ESI/LC/MS & MALDI/TOF
  • Determination of postranslational modifications of proteins & peptides by ESI/LC/MS & MALDI/TOF
  • Quantification of micronutrients in physiologic fluids by GC/MS and ESI/LC/MS
  • Development of novel analytical methods using mass spectrometry
  • Interpretation & analysis of mass spectrometry data
  • Education & training in mass spectrometry principles & operation

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