Cincinnati Digestive Health Center:
Bench-to-Bedside Research in Pediatric Digestive Disease

Core Facilities

The Center has four Scientific and an Administrative Core. The latter provides the leadership and vision, ensuring that overall goals of the Center are met through planning, communication, oversight and constant self-examination and modifications. The four Scientific Cores’ technician support as well as the bulk of maintenance costs of their extensive equipment bases are covered by the Center, resulting in substantial savings to investigators, essentially amounting to the cost of supplies.
The following are the Scientific Cores:

  1. Cell Separation and Culture Core (Director: Bangyan Stiles, Ph.D.; Co-Director: Zhang-Xu Liu, M.D., Ph.D.)
    Provides freshly isolated or plated mouse, rat and human hepatocytes and various cell lines, plus magnetic cell sorting and FACS analyses systems.
  2. Cell and Tissue Imaging Core (Director: Sarah F. Hamm-Alvarez, Ph.D.)
    Provides Center’s own confocal and fluorescent microscopy resources and services, plus supports facilitated/subsidized access to three other University-wide advanced imaging resources to pre-qualified Center members.
  3. Liver Histology Core (Director: Gary C. Kanel, M.D.)
    Provides routine as well as specialized histology services and resources, plus a state-of-the-art laser micro-dissection system.
  4. Analytical-Metabolic-Instrumentation Core (Director: Murad Ookhtens, Ph.D.) and Proteomics Subcore (Director: Ebrahim Zandi, Ph.D.)
    The Core provides critical resources and services, including extensive and versatile multi-detection HPLC analyses, plus a large base of common and state-of-the-art resources for shared use. The Subcore provides high-sensitivity and high-resolution mass spectrometry for protein and peptide analysis.