Ron receptor tyrosine kinase signaling as a therapeutic target.

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Journal Article


Expert opinion on therapeutic targets (2012)


Introduction: Since its discovery nearly 20 years ago, the Ron receptor tyrosine kinase has been extensively studied. These studies have elucidated many of the major signaling pathways activated by Ron. In the context of the inflammation and cancer, studies have shown that Ron plays differential roles; Ron activation limits the inflammatory response, whereas in cancer, Ron activation is associated with increased metastases and poor prognosis. Areas covered: This review discusses the current literature with regard to Ron signaling and consequences of its activation in cancer as well as its role in cancer therapy. Further, we discuss the mechanisms by which Ron influences the inflammatory response and its role in chronic inflammatory diseases. Finally, we discuss Ron's connection between chronic inflammation and progression to cancer. Expert opinion: The complex nature of Ron's signaling paradigm necessitates additional studies to understand the pathways by which Ron is functioning and how these differ in inflammation and cancer. This will be vital to understanding the impact that Ron signaling has in disease states. Additional studies of targeted therapies, either alone or in conjunction with current therapies are needed to determine if inhibition of Ron signaling will provide long-term benefits to cancer patients.