Differences in sleep disturbance, fatigue and energy levels between women with and without breast pain prior to breast cancer surgery.

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Journal Article


Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland) (2012)


The purpose of this study was to evaluate for differences in occurrence and severity ratings of sleep disturbance, fatigue, and decreased energy in women who reported breast pain prior to surgery for breast cancer. Of the 390 women who completed self-report measures for each symptom, 28.2% reported pain in their breast prior to surgery. A higher percentage of women in the pain group (i.e., 66.7% versus 53.5%) reported clinically meaningful levels of sleep disturbance. However, no between group differences were found in the severity of sleep disturbance, fatigue, or decreased energy. Findings from this study suggest that sleep disturbance, fatigue, and decreased levels of energy are significant problems for women prior to breast cancer surgery. Future studies need to evaluate for specific characteristics that place women at greater risk for these symptoms as well as the mechanisms that underlie these symptoms.