Center for Molecular Studies in Digestive and Liver Diseases

Core Facilties

The Center is composed of four cores:

  1. Molecular Pathology &maging Core (MPIC)
    The MPIC provides histological services, equipment usage, and technical expertise to digestive and liver research projects.
  2. Host-Microbial Analytic and Repository Core (H-MARC)
    The mission on H-MARC is to provide services that will enhance the analysis of both host and microbial biological processes as well as facilitate translation into the clinical arena via human subject research.
  3. Genetically-Modified Mouse Core
    The Transgenic and Chimeric Mouse Facility is an Abramson Cancer Center Shared Resource that is approved and funded by the National Cancer Institute
  4. Cell Culture and iPS Core (CCiC)
    The CCiC facility is unique on the University of Pennsylvania campus and in the region. The CCiC provides a rich repository of c cell lines (2D and 3D) that are well annotated for identity, passage and free of Mycoplasma infection thereby providing quality control, rigor and reproducibility.