University of Chicago Digestive Diseases Research Core Center

Core Facilities

Integrated Translational Research (ITR) Core
Provides a bridge between the clinical and basic sciences. Acquires and maintains a collection of IBD clinical metadata and biospecimens.

Tissue Engineering and Cell Models (TECM) Core
Providing novel and traditional experimental model systems that enable and meet the needs of DDRCC investigators.

Tissue and Cell Analysis (TCA) Core
Facilitates the study of intestinal disease by providing surgical and archival tissues and advanced imaging capabilities.

Host-Microbe (HM) Core
Provides advanced facilities, services, and expertise to study of host-microbial interaction relating to human health and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Computational Analysis and Modeling Resource (CAMR) Resource
A component of the Administrative core, the CAMR provides DDRCC users biostatistics, bioinformatics, and computational modeling and simulations to aid in the analysis of big data.