Texas Medical Center Digestive Diseases Center

Core Facilities


The major purpose of the Integrative Biology Core is to:
• Train members of the center and their research teams in the use of techniques
• Assess GI physiological and pharmacological responses in animals and/or tissues
• Develop animal and cell models of digestive diseases

We also facilitate the training of members of the DDC in the performance of surgical techniques in both acute and chronic animal conditions to achieve their research goals. It is anticipated that the Integrative Biology Core will serve a major function in working with faculty who have produced transgenic or gene-deleted animals to determine the effect of the over- or under-expression of a particular gene on a specific function/structure of the GI tract. In addition, the core will utilize animals to produce isolated, primary cultures of rat and mouse hepatocytes and Kupffer cells, and for the derivation of organoid cultures of intestinal cells from mice, piglets or humans in studies related to our center’s focus of GI infection and injury.

Other roles of the Integrative Biology Core are to serve as a resource of specialized techniques, animal preparations and model systems that are available in the laboratories of members of the DDC. Lastly, the Integrative Biology Core serves an educational and oversight role to the DDC members and their research staff, facilitating the enrollment of individuals in training courses in animal handling and surgery, and reviewing animal protocols for both experimental design and conformity to NIH and AAALAC guidelines on the care and treatment of laboratory animals.

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