Texas Medical Center Digestive Diseases Center

Core Facilities


The overall goal of the Functional Genomics and Microbiome Core (formerly, the Functional Genomics Core) is to stimulate research in infection and injury states affecting the intestine and liver. The services provided by the core include:
• Consultation in the choice of genomics methodologies to be applied to research problems being addressed by Digestive Diseases Center members

• Training in the conduct of functional genomics and metagenomics relevant to GI research

• Consultation on experimental design of gene expression (mRNA) studies and assistance with analysis of genomic profiling data
• Providing mammalian gene expression, cytokine/transcription factor/signaling pathway arrays, and gut microbial profiling/metagenomics to DDC members at discounted prices

• Facilitating analysis and bio-informatics strategies with functional genomics and microbiome datasets

• Conducting periodic workshops and disseminating information about new technologies available in the Core and to obtain feedback on needed technologies / services.

  • Cell line and plasmid construct repository
  • Electrophoretic mobility shift assays
  • Miscellaneous recombinant DNA and molecular biology techniques
  • In situ hybridization probe preparation
  • Isolation and quality assessment of RNA
  • Strategic design of gene expression profiling experiments
  • Preparation of probes for microarray
  • Bioinformatics analysis of microarray data
  • Real time quantitative PCR (rtQPCR) validation of microarray data
  • Recombinant protein production
  • Luminex liquid bead arrays/protein microarrays
  • RNAi library and chemical compound high throughput screening

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