Texas Medical Center Digestive Diseases Center (DDC)

Texas Medical Center Digestive Diseases Center's theme is Gastrointestinal Infection and Injury" and is called DDC for simplicity. This Center serves basic and clinical scientists at institutions within the Texas Medical Center (Baylor College of Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center, the MD Anderson Cancer Center) in Houston, TX. Institutional resource commitments in space, funds and personnel support this effort, including new positions in basic and clinical departments for multidisciplinary, independent faculty to establish new research programs.

The DDC facilitates on-going digestive diseases research, promotes translational research between basic and clinical areas, develops new projects, nurtures new investigators, and provides educational activities. The DDC consists of an Administrative Core, three Basic Science Cores (Cellular and Molecular Morphology, Functional Genomics and Microbiome, Integrative Biology) and one Clinical Core (Study Design and Clinical Research). In addition, our Pilot/Feasibility and Enrichment Programs, including a Career Development Initiative, to support innovative ideas and new investigators in Digestive Disease research and foster collaborations are a key part of the DDC and have been extremely successful.

The Center is a multidisciplinary group of investigators of over 60 Full Members and 100 Associate Members, including basic and clinical scientists with proven track records of success, and well-coordinated clinical programs dealing with pediatric and adult GI patients. Center leaders are senior scientists-administrators experienced in directing interactive, multidisciplinary programs. Locally, a large multi-ethnic population of infants and adults with digestive diseases emphasizes a need and opportunities for this Center.

Learn more at https://www.bcm.edu/research/centers/digestive-disease