Stanford Digestive Disease Center

Core Facilities

The Center consists of five enabling technology cores and an Administrative Core that manages the Pilot/Feasibility and Named Investigator Program, the annual Symposia and Retreats, the Enrichment Program (Seminars, Visiting Professors and Lecturers), and the Clinical Component.
The enabling technology cores are:


Chemical Genomics Core - offers large-scale chemical and genetic screens for drug and/or disease target discovery, and provides DDC investigators the ability to perform high-quality high-throughput experiments

  • High-Throughput Chemical Screens
  • Whole Human Genome siRNA Knockdown Screens
  • High-Content Imaging
  • High-Throughput Molecular Biology
  • High-Throughput Assay Development and Data Analysis
  • Access to Microplate Readers and Liquid Handling Robots

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