Stanford Digestive Disease Center

Core Facilities

The Center consists of five enabling technology cores and an Administrative Core that manages the Pilot/Feasibility and Named Investigator Program, the annual Symposia and Retreats, the Enrichment Program (Seminars, Visiting Professors and Lecturers), and the Clinical Component.
The enabling technology cores are:


Biomics Analysis Core - offering metabolomic profiling of body fluids and tissues, assistance in study design, analytic protocols and data analysis

  • metabolomic profiling of body fluids and tissues
  • Assistance in designing the study and performance of metabolite extraction, analytic protocols and data analysis
  • Traning and instruction on how to perform analyte extractions which can be used for analysis of tissue in subsequent experiments
  • Assistance in designing subsequent steps and methods for structure determination, more replicates and other orthogonal data such as genetic or gene expression
  • Access to novel technologies and expertise
  • Advanced biostatistics capabilities

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