Marion Bessin Liver Research Center

Research Focus

The major focus of Center research is to study the cellular and molecular basis of liver function in health and disease and to utilize modern methods of cell and molecular biology to advance the possibility of restoring liver function through hepatic cell transplantation and/or somatic gene therapy. By developing shared facilities, with our Core labs supporting services, seminars and other educational programs administered in a coordinated fashion, we hope to stimulate and increase the communication, interaction and collaboration between scientists, thereby enhancing their individual research efforts. Our basic philosophy is to seek out expertise and help from each other in an open ended fashion in our quest for new understanding of liver structure-function and disease; this has been one of the greatest strengths of our program.

Our Center investigators are involved in three broad areas of liver-based investigation:

  • Liver Regeneration, Cellular Growth Control and Liver Repopulation by Transplanted Cells
  • Pathobiology of Hepatic Transport and Trafficking
  • Hepatic Metabolism, Inflammation, and Steatohepatitis