Hopkins Conte Digestive Diseases Basic and Translational Research Core Center

Research Focus

Regulation of epithelial function, especially via changes in signal transduction, trafficking and development.   

Areas of emphasis: 
I. Epithelial Transporter Function and Regulation; 
II.  Inflammation, Injury and Fibrosis in:

  1. Infectious diarrheal diseases-mechanisms of bacterial enterotoxin action
  2. IBD-proteomics, gene expression and microRNAs
  3. Fatty liver, inflammation, fibrosis
  4. Obesity, immunity.

III. GI Malignancy:

  1. Epigenetics and colon cancer
  2. Epigenetics and pancreatic cancer
  3. Epigenetics and Barrett’s esophagus
  4. Hepatic cancer
  5. Translational Aspects of  Advanced Imaging.