CURE: Digestive Diseases Research Center

Core Facilities


  • Measurement of GI Secretory, Motor and Neural Functions in conscious mice:
    • Determination of Gastric Acid Secretion in Conscious Mice
    • Determination of Gastric Emptying in Conscious Mice
    • Determination of Gastrointestinal Transit in Conscious Mice
    • Detrmination of Colonic Motor Function in Conscious Mice
    • Measurement of Visceral Pain in Conscious Mice
    • Functional Mapping of Neuronal Activation at Cellular Levels in Conscious Mice
    • Monitoring Food Intake in Mice
  • GI Functional, Cellular and Neuronal Measurements in Anesthetized Rodents:
    • Esophageal and Gastric Measurements
    • Measurement of Gut Contractile Events in the Gut and Sphincters in Anesthetized Rodents
    • In Vivo Microscopic Preparation and Measurement of Gut Epithelial pH in Mice
    • Recording of Gastric and Splanchnic Nerve Activity in Rats
  • Experimental Animal Models:
    • Models of Gastroduodenal Injury and Mucosal Defense
    • Models of Colitis in Rats and Mice
    • Models of Post-operative Ileus in Rats and Mice
    • Models of Acute and Chronic Stress
    • Models of Cephalic, Gastric, adn Intestinal Phases of Gastric Secretion in Rats
    • Model for Neurodegenerative Diseases with Related Alterations of Gut Motor Function in Mice
    • Models of Visceral Hyperalsia in Rodents
    • Non Transgenic Model of Metabolic Diseases in Rats
    • Access to Genetically Modified Mice Via Institutional Shared Resources
  • Expertise/Services for Animal Handling or Surgical Procedures:
    • Drug Delivery
    • Teaching or Performing Specialized Assay Methods or Use of Specialized Equipments
    • Collection of Body Fluid/Tissues
    • Surgical Preparations
    • Expertise in Study Design, data analysis and interpretation

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