Center for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, MGH

Core Facilities
The Biomedical Core program has been a central feature of the CSIBD since its inception. These core resources have been developed to accomplish two goals: first, to support the research activities of the center investigators that increase the understanding of IBD, and second, to stimulate new collaborations and interactions. The biomedical cores have been greatly successful in meeting both of these goals. The first goal has been met through both service and educational activities of the individual cores. As a mark of achieving the second goal, the use of these biomedical cores has led to projects that would not have been undertaken if the cores had not been available. We are continually working to maintain this high level of research support and investigator interaction. The Center has Five cores:


The Morphology Core facilitates the provision of sophisticated morphologic correlation with molecular studies that would not otherwise be available to many CSIBD investigators. It is an underlying premise of this core that understanding the pathophysiologic importance of factors and processes identified by molecular biological and other approaches is dependent on the assessment of morphologic changes in mucosa and more refined analysis of protein localization. This evaluation is especially critical for the study of murine models of IBD in which any manipulation or evaluation of markers/inflammatory mediators must be judged against the yardstick of mucosal inflammation. Learn More...

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