University of Chicago Digestive Diseases Research Core Center

Core Facilities

The Center is composed of five cores. All are located in the Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery with the exception of the Tissue and Cell Analysis Core, which is located in the Billings Medical Center.


  • Cell and Tissue Systems
    • Banked cell lines
    • Transwell preparations of epithelial monolayers—plain, collagen coated, and co-cultures
    • Tissue/cell preparations, including transmission electron microscopy (TEM), confocal microscopy, and immunofluorescence
    • Transport and barrier function measurements
    • Special methods for cell and tissue isolation/primary cell culture
  • Enteric Microbiology
    • Cultivation-based approaches
    • Non-cultivation-based approaches
    • Bioinformatic analysis
  • Gnotobiotic Mouse
    • Germ-free animal care services
    • Rederivation of germ-free mouse strains

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