University of Chicago Digestive Diseases Research Core Center

Eugene B. Chang, M.D.
Martin Boyer Professor of Medicine
DDRCC Director and Host-Microbe Core Director
Phone: 773-702-6458

Dr. Eugene Chang is a basic and translational investigator with research interests in the study of host-microbial interactions, particularly as they relate to health, digestive diseases and other immune- and metabolic-related disorders. Most recently, Dr. Chang has applied advanced, cultivation-independent molecular approaches to the study of the structure and function of the enteric microbiome. These studies involve next-generation, high throughput DNA sequencing and gnotobiotic/germ-free mouse technologies. He is also conducting several human subject-based research projects to better understand the contributory role of the enteric microbiome in inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, and insulin resistance. These investigations involve extensive multi-disciplinary collaborations with other investigators in the Biological Science Division and at Argonne National Laboratory. He is currently supported by several grants from the NIH Human Microbiome Project, a NIH R37 MERIT award, and two NIH training grants (T32 and T35). In addition to his DDRCC duties, Dr. Chang is the Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Training in the section of Gastroenterology.

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