University of Chicago Digestive Diseases Research Core Center

Cathryn Nagler, Ph.D.
Bunning Food Allergy Professor of Pathology and Medicine
Director of Pilot and Feasibility and Enrichment programs
Phone: 773-702-6317

Dr. Cathryn Nagler was Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Immunology) at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School prior to joining the University of Chicago in 2009 as the first recipient of the new Bunning Professorship. She has served on numerous expert review panels for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, the NIDDK, and the NIAID, including the Food Allergy Expert Panel. Dr. Nagler has been actively involved in the American Association of Immunologists as Section Editor for the Journal of Immunology, Program Committee member, instructor (Mucosal Immunology) for the AAI’s Introduction to Immunology course, and, most recently, Co-Chair of the Clinical Immunology Committee. Dr. Nagler’s research has focused on the mechanisms regulating non-responsiveness to dietary antigens and the commensal microbiota and the consequences of their dysregulation in food allergy and inflammatory bowel disease. Ongoing work in Dr. Nagler’s laboratory examines how environmental stimuli including diet, antibiotics, pathogenic bacteria, and intestinal worms alter the gut micro-environment to influence susceptibility to food allergy. Insight into the molecular basis for these interactions may suggest new avenues for disease prevention and/or treatment.

Dr. Nagler has joined the University of Chicago Digestive Disease Research Center as the Director of the Pilot Feasibility and Enrichment Program.

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